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Custom country flag fly


If you can't find your desired flag among the collection please purchase this product or write us an email and we'll prepare a custom flag just for you for the same price in 4-5 work days.


The set includes one two-sided flag fly safely attached to a sturdy cardboard printed background, placed in a plastic transparent box.

To mount your flag fly set please use one of the two options that will come in the package, either a white clay adhesive (wall attachment or non delicate surfaces ) or the 3 tack adhesive pads (for delicate surfaces). Place them on the back side of the transparent box and gently press to the desired surface. Both solutions allow you to easily attach or remove the mounted plastic box from numerous  different surfaces.

Even though the fly can be kept as a souvenir it is made as durable as any other fishing scud fly and can be fished with.

Custom country flag fly

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