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If you're arriving by plane you'll land near our hometown Kranj.

At the airport you can either rent a car or let us pick you up and escort you to your accommodation.

You can also land nearby in Venice - Italy or Zagreb - Croatia.



Slovenia can offer a full spectrum of accomodation, from affordable 3 star family run apartments,

bed and breakfast and single rooms to 5 star luxury hotels. is a great platform to search for your accommodation.

We are here to offer our advice on how to choose the best option that will support your overall fishing plan.


In a nutshell, Slovenia is a hospitable and open, cozy, green, mountainous, water-rich, biodiverse country. We are proud of our crystal clear rivers and lakes, famous Karst caves, sports achievements, tasty cuisine and rich Art & Crafts culture.

You can easily get around with a basic knowledge of English language. Speaking German, Italian or French helps as well.

Currency used is the Euro. Overall our price range of food, accommodation, transportation etc. is quite affordable compared to other EU countries. Most fishing foreigners explain that the only pricey, but worth it, things here are daily fishing licenses.

Climate is moderate most of the fishing season, temperatures range from 15 to 30 degrees C.

Don't forget to bring with you the three fishing lifesavers... your rain jacket, wading staff (if needed) and waterproof camera/phone case!

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