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The neon wax sighter is an innovative product that was made out of pure necessity. It helped us quickly solve a few small challenges we encountered while euro nymphing and improved our hooking percentage.

The original idea behind the wax is: During euro nymphing, you usually try to keep full contact (no slack tippet or leader) with your fly as long as possible, in other words, you are trying to keep your rig tight/straight. The wax is meant to be a marking on your leader that helps you assess how deep your fly is in the water column.

If you try to follow the diverse river bottom with your fly, the markings that are placed on the leader and are seen out of the water can be useful sighters/indicators that will help you navigate how much you have to lower or raise your fishing rod according to the depth of the water to keep your fly inside the fish zone more or less non-stop.

We heard about many innovative ways how anglers use it while fishing and hope at least some of you will find it useful.

How to: approximately assess the depth of the water you are planning to fish in. Measure the length of your tippet, you can even try to match it to the depth of the water. Knot your tippet with your euro nymphing leader. Make one on more short (a few centimeters or an inch long) markings on the leader and approximately assess how far apart they are. By knowing the measurements of your markings you can easily know where in the water column your fly is and if you are holding it at the right depth where the fish are.  If you don't have a bite, there are a few options you can do to quickly adjust. One option is that you didn't reach the correct depth, change it - let the fly sink lower. If you have a strong feeling you are on the right depth, then maybe your chosen fly pattern isn't effective at that specific moment (too big/small, wrong body-color, wrong weight, wrong tungsten bead color... change the fly.


The SOFT version: The first version of the wax called SOFT was made to be easily applied and easily removed with tissue paper.  It was made not to last on your leader. In the temperature range between 10 and 30 degrees C, it usually lasts on your leader from half an hour to an hour. But that can be a benefit. When you walk along the water you encounter at least two things, changing terrain and changing light conditions. Different wax colors and having a marking that is easily removed help you apply the new marking/tag quickly according to specific conditions on the water. If you will fish upstream in the shallow riffles for half an hour looking straight into harsh bright sunlight, try to use the color you see best (pink),  adjust it to the current terrain. By the time you will reach the end of a long riffle, the tiny amount of the wax you applied will be gone and you will reach a deep pool around the corner in the shadow where you'll be able to make another small marking high up the leader that will show you if you have reached the deep pool you're trying to fish, and so on. You really don't need to use much of the wax every single time and the tube (if it doesn't melt in your hot car or doesn't float away) can last you a very long time.

This version of SOFT wax doesn't like freezing cold or extreme heat. Please don't leave it in your overheated car all day long. It can become runny and change the structure. In temperatures lower than 5 degrees C it will become hard and brittle. We are testing new wax versions for extreme summer and winter and will try to bring them on the market by the beginning of the new fishing season.


The wax doesn't damage your leader.


If it stains your clothes you can easily remove it by hand-washing it with detergent or soap.

Competitions: the wax doesn't add weight to your rig and doesn't improve the buoyancy of the leader and follows all FIPS rules.

If you have any questions regarding the wax, please write or call us.


If you are interested in having our products in your shop please write us an email and ask for our resale pricelist with terms and conditions.
We strive to be small buisiness friendly and flexible.
We look forward to hearing from you and will be honored to supply your shop with our products.
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